Who We Are

A small team of Chicago artists brought together by their passion for the work

Cory Hardin, Co-Founder, Artistic Director | he/him/his

Grace Bolander, Associate Artistic Director, Interim Marketing Director | she/her/hers

Daniel Washelesky, Managing Director | he/him/his

Will Quam, Literary Manager | he/him/his

Laura Nelson, Press Relations | she/her/hers

Nic Park, Casting Director | he/him/his

Company Members

Alex Elam (Co-Founder) | she/her/hers

Evelyn Landow | she/her/hers

Jasmine Manuel | she/her/hers

Daniel Washelesky | he/him/his


What We Do

It is The Passage Theatre's mission to tell great stories with truth and simplicity. We hope to create community and to inspire our audiences to move through life deliberately.

Artistic Director Cory Hardin and founding company member Alex Elam met as ensemble members in the 2017 School at Steppenwolf. Inspired by the same passion for timely, ensemble-based theatre, Cory and Alex decided to found The Passage Theatre a month into the program. After adding Marketing Director Grace Bolander and Literary Manager Will Quam to the team, TPT was officially founded.




Ada Cheng | she/her/hers

Audrey Francis | she/her/hers

Michael Patrick Thornton | he/him/his

board members

Brent Ervin-Eickhoff | he/him/his

Jennifer Kiehl | she/her/hers