With our artists, our audiences, and the stories we tell, The Passage Theatre seeks to create art that looks into the void with hope instead of dread.

We tell stories with truth and simplicity.

What that means >


We create thought-provoking, minimalistic, ensemble-based theatre that is specific to its medium. Our work is driven by curiosity and the conviction that whimsy and humor are powerful ways to explore the universe.

We focus on humanity.

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We are a community-oriented company with faith in collaboration and transparency. We prioritize paying artists over buying things and believe human ingenuity is more essential than production budget in creating the spectacular.

We believe in hope and innovation.

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We value creativity over tradition, both artistically and institutionally. We continuously endeavor to establish and invent more equitable practices at all levels of our organization. Through these practices, we hope to advance our industry’s greater movement toward a more accessible Chicago theatre.